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As a child, ‘everyday adventures’ are the small but significant experiences through which we learn about the world while developing our physical coordination and independence. Unfortunately, many of our children today are sat at home on their iPads when they should be out making friends, exploring and learning new skills.

The world has undoubtedly evolved with the great social and technological advances we’ve seen in recent years, but the fundamentals of human development remain the same. Children still require interaction with real people, in a real space. There is a clash between our technology-driven culture and our biological heritage that is damaging children’s ability to think, learn and discover.

Eliot Tang, a driven and passionate entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the childcare industry, has founded Rising Stars Activities with the goal of reshaping how children’s activities are provided. The mission is for children to develop healthy bodies and curious minds through the activities and experiences created by Rising Stars. By providing the best environment for our children to think, learn and discover, we can ensure this generation are ready for the challenges that lie ahead of them.